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About Vertical Earth

Natural forces work against the improvements man constructs. Understanding these forces is important to overcoming them and providing solutions. Vertical Earth's Experience, Resources, and Flexibility are unparalleled and provide our customers with the most value. As a leading geotechnical contractor, Vertical Earth provides the EXPERIENCE, RESOURCES, and FLEXIBILITY to successfully complete your next project.

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Temporary shoring, permanent shoring, soil nails, tiebacks, H-piles, micropiles, pressure grouting: common solutions to overcome challenges from either natural forces or to complete new construction. Vertical Earth can provide design/ build or bid/ build solutions for either new construction projects or remedial action.

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Retaining Walls and Geosynthetic Structures

Grade separation solutions are a part of many projects. Vertical Earth constructs these solutions from Cast in Place Concrete, Shotcrete, Modular Block, Rubble, Big Block Gravity Units, Gabion Baskets, or Reinforced Slopes.

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Excavation, utilities, concrete, roadways, lighting, hardscapes, and landscapes are all integral elements of any project, whether infrastructure, transportation, building facilities, or recreation. From pervious concrete to fountains to multi-lane roadways, we have constructed projects to fulfill our customers' needs and expectations.

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Featured Projects

University Avenue

Heavy rains caused a rock and earth embankment to give way onto a major traffic artery in Atlanta.  Vertical Earth quickly mobilized to the site and completed the project on schedule and on budget, despite the necessity to change the design due to the materials encountered while drilling the soil nails.  While the design engineer anticipated soil, rock was enconter ... read more

Modular Retaining Wall

Modular Retaining Walls provide one of the most cost effective, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing means to achieve grade separations.  From 24" walls utilized for ampitheaters to structures over 85' supporting educational facilities, Vertical Earth has the experience to meet our clients' expectations.  Face styles range from clean lines with colors from gray to ... read more

Avenues Forsyth

When Cousins Properties contracted with Hoar Contruction of Alabama to construct the Avenues Forsyth, the vision for an upscale outdoor retail center came alive.  The plan utilized every square foot of the valuable property, and environmental regulations and grade separations were some of the greatest concerns.  Because of our Flexibility to construct various ... read more

Emergency Response

We never know when a natural or man-made emergency will occur. Vertical Earth can mobilize quickly to provide life-safety solutions, as well as stabilize and prevent loss of property or improvements. Landslides, rock slides, slope failures, sink holes, foundation failures, retaining wall failures, erosion, pipe and culvert failures, tornado and hurricane damage, and many other catastrophic events require that action be taken quickly to prevent further loss, as well as to allow life to return to normal as quickly as possible. Municipalities, school districts, state governments, large corporations, utility providers, multi-family developers, and others have relied on Vertical Earth's quick response time coupled with our Experience and Flexibility to provide solutions. With just a phone call, a manager with the authority to make decisions will be on your site, with equipment and manpower, within a matter of hours. Contact 770-888-2224 during business hours, or phone or text 404-444-7774 or 770-540-4957.