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Stream/ Pipeline Protection

Pipelines are a critical piece to America's energy network.  Water is one of nature's most powerful forces.  When the two meet, protection of these enrgy pipelines is required and cannot fail.  Vertical Earth installed the Articulating Concrete Blocks in this stream channel to both protect the channel from further erosion and provide the necessary stability to the pipeline to prevent decay and a devastating leak.

University Avenue

Heavy rains caused a rock and earth embankment to give way onto a major traffic artery in Atlanta.  Vertical Earth quickly mobilized to the site and completed the project on schedule and on budget, despite the necessity to change the design due to the materials encountered while drilling the soil nails.  While the design engineer anticipated soil, rock was encontered during the drilling.  By adapting the tooling while coordinating with the client and designer, the process did not cease.  Vertical Earth's crews used our Resources of equipment and employees to perform all scopes of the work internally to not only expedite the process, but to provide a greater quality control for the client.  The end result is a stable structure that also improves the aesthetics of the area and provides for safe traveling on the roadway.

Wilkinson County Landslide

As a transportation artery, Hwy 441 provides important access for much of middle and southeastern Georgia.  Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) experienced instability in the roadway due to a major landslide which destroyed the north bound lanes.  To stabilize the landslide's movement, the design engineer implemented 489 multi-stranded tieback anchors to approximately 150 feet deep.  These anchors were loaded to ___ kips before being locked off. 

Modular Retaining Wall

Modular Retaining Walls provide one of the most cost effective, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing means to achieve grade separations.  From 24" walls utilized for ampitheaters to structures over 85' supporting educational facilities, Vertical Earth has the experience to meet our clients' expectations.  Face styles range from clean lines with colors from gray to buff to brown, to multi-pieced sets resembling natural stone with blended colors. 

With the input of our engineers, we can provide structures for roadway support, building support, or detention ponds.  Our experience from the millions of square feet installed allows our estimators to work in the initial stages with the civil engineer of a project to value engineer the best solution. 

Dallas Trailhead

Information coming soon.

Avenues Forsyth

When Cousins Properties contracted with Hoar Contruction of Alabama to construct the Avenues Forsyth, the vision for an upscale outdoor retail center came alive.  The plan utilized every square foot of the valuable property, and environmental regulations and grade separations were some of the greatest concerns.  Because of our Flexibility to construct various wall types, Experience with critical structures, Resources to meet the rigorous construction schedule, Hoar Construction contacted Vertical Earth to construct the more than 70,000 square feet of modular walls, reinforced slopes, and cast in place concrete walls.  In addition to providing the project within the tight budgetary constraints, Vertical Earth and the site contractor, AL Grading, completed the site work months ahead of schedule.

Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office

The Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office feared they would lose the service of their emergency generators due to the placement of poor soils during the initial construction of the facility and the recent heavy rains.  The retaining wall supporting the south end of the building and the generators showed extreme signs of horizontal movement and settlement.  The generators atop the retaining wall also settled significantly.

While negotiating a repair methodology to fit the budget and the structural concerns, it was decided for Vertical Earth to provide a tieback system to stabilize the wall and micropiles to provide vertical support for the generators. 

During the construction process, the hot summer weather took a toll on the chiller for the facility, which is integral to the performance of their work.  Maintenance crews relied on water to coo

Seminole Landfill

One of Metro Atlanta's largest and busiest landfills is Dekalb County's Seminole Landfill.  When the county elected to construct a new cell, the designer chose to maximize the site by including a massive reinforced slope, or Mechanically Stabilized Earth Slope.  With a maximum height of 89' and a length of over 3200 linear feet, the structure supports millions of tons of waste, as well as access for landfill trucks and equipment.  This structure was vegetated after construction to prevent erosion of the geosynthetic face wrap.  The aerial photo shows most of the structure along the left side of the photograph.  It can be seen flying into and out of Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport on the east side.

Georgia Tech Women's Softball Stadium

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Emergency Response

We never know when a natural or man-made emergency will occur. Vertical Earth can mobilize quickly to provide life-safety solutions, as well as stabilize and prevent loss of property or improvements. Landslides, rock slides, slope failures, sink holes, foundation failures, retaining wall failures, erosion, pipe and culvert failures, tornado and hurricane damage, and many other catastrophic events require that action be taken quickly to prevent further loss, as well as to allow life to return to normal as quickly as possible. Municipalities, school districts, state governments, large corporations, utility providers, multi-family developers, and others have relied on Vertical Earth's quick response time coupled with our Experience and Flexibility to provide solutions. With just a phone call, a manager with the authority to make decisions will be on your site, with equipment and manpower, within a matter of hours.

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